African Gambling Hotspots

Sports betting and online gambling in Africa have grown quite popular since the internet boom. But not all nations allow gambling. The 54 African nations currently are categorized into three gambling categories: unregulated, outlawed, and legal.

The three vary as follows:

Legal betting enterprises and casinos are available in these nations.

All types of gambling are prohibited in the Banned Countries.

The Unregulated Countries: Their government neither prohibit nor control this kind of activity.

So, which nations are now high rollers? Here are a few.


One of South Africa’s top tourist spots. Every year, many individuals from all around the globe visit this nation. Others seek to escape the strains of city life in the UK, Europe, or the USA.

Because this country has over 80% of the gambling market, it is excellent for tourists and residents to play online. With international websites like play online slots, registration and playing is as simple as 1-2-3.

Local gamblers may enjoy a variety of games both online and at real-world casinos, with South Africa having some of the finest.


Kenya is another internet hotspot. However, as long as you have a laptop or smartphone and internet access, you may play to your heart’s delight. Online sports betting is also highly popular among football-loving Kenyans.

Other High-Demand Gambling Markets

Gambling is allowed in Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Tanzania, and Botswana, and operators cater to both foreigners and locals.

This is a popular destination for gambling tourists who like to unwind in the woods or beachside resorts and play online slots.

The Gambling Acts Commission replaced two of the most major legislation in 1996 and 2004. This legislation declared sports betting, lotteries, and internet casinos legal in some nations.

However, the 2004 statute prohibited internet casinos from operating in some nations unless they had a legitimate license. Some may agree that this has become a big source of activity for adults.

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